A two-day conference of ideas to change the world. Check back here for more program details as they become available. Download the program here Marxism2018Timetable

Speaker Panel: Friday, 27th | 7:00 pm

Workers Rising!

Deena Ladd, co-founder of Worker’s Action Centre
Pam Johnson, College Striker and leading member of OPSEU
Andria Babbington, Vice-president of Toronto and York Region Labour Council

Workers in Canada and around the world have showed tremendous resistance to austerity against big odds. Both unionized and non-unionized workers have fought for better working conditions and better public services and won. The victory by the $15 and Fairness campaign and the labour movement for a $15 minimum wage and better employment standards and labour law under Bill 148 and the gains made by Ontario College Faculty in a 5 week province-wide strike show the power of movements and unions to fight for workers’ rights. Three speakers involved in these struggles will talk about how they organized to fight and win.

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Speaker Panel: Saturday, 28th | 10:00 am

Indigenous Sovereignty and Trudeau’s Fake Reconciliation

Crystal Sinclair, Idle No More Toronto
Gustavo Monteiro, International Socialists, former student activist in Brazil with ENECOS (“Executiva Nacional dos Estudantes de Comunica??o Social”)
Sue Lynn, organizer with Grassroots Indigenous Women of Tkaronto and fighter for justice for indigenous children and youth.

The murders of Colten Boushie and Tina Fontaine expose the fatal contradictions of Justin Trudeau’s faux reconciliation and how the colonial legacy of Canada continues exploitation and racism today.

Indigenous activists have been leading the resistance against the brutal legacy of Canadian capitalism and imperialism on many fronts, including the fantastic movement to resist the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

Speakers from Idle No More and International Socialists will talk about how they have organized to fight the historical injustices of settler colonialism and why the indigenous resistance is leading the struggle in Canada.

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Workshop Panels: Saturday April 28. 11:30 AM

How do we stop the far-right?

Walied Khogali, co-founder of the coalition against white supremacy and islamophobia
Michelle Robidoux, leading member of the International Socialists
Jacob Zelig, anti-racist activist in Canada

From the 9 Hour Movement to the Fight for $15&Fairness

Doug Nesbitt, the Author of The 9 Hour Movement

Climate Change and Socialism: Facing the Anthropocene

Ian Angus, editor of the online eco-socialist journal Climate and Capitalism. Author of Facing the Anthropocene; A Redder Shade of Green,Too Many People? and The Global Fight for Climate Justice.

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Speaker Panel: Saturday April 28 | 1:00 pm

The Fight Against Racism in Canada

Sandy Hudson, Founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto
Malka Paracha, York Food Service Worker, and union leader
Chantal Sundaram, Author of Islamophobia and Capitalism

Canada has a reputation for being a society free of racism yet people of colour are subjected to unfair treatment by the police, the courts and society at large.
Studies show that wages are lower and unemployment is higher for racialized people than for white Canadians. The justice system is also disproportionately brutal to black and indigenous peoples. With the rise of white supremacist movements, we all need to organize to stop racism. Join us for this panel discussion to hear from leaders who are fighting against racism throughout the country.

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Workshop Panels: Saturday April 28 | 2:45 PM

National Liberation in Catalonia

David Karvalla?is an activist based in Barcelona and a member of the revolutionary network Marx21.He has been active in supporting the right of the Catalan people to self-determination against the Spanish state and fascist elements hostile to the independence movement.

The Changing Working Class

Evan Johnston, trade union activist and organizer for Fight for $15 and Fairness
Alia Karim, activist with the International Socialists, York University, and Fight for $15 and Fairness

In this session, we explore the common idea that changes in the global economy have fundamentally altered the nature of the working class. We look at some of the debates surrounding the rise of precarious work, and examine how capital is changing the nature of class struggle in Canada. Ultimately, we argue that the working class remains the only class with the power to overthrow the capitalist system, but that it requires a rank-and-file strategy to build a fighting labour movement from below.

Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Faline Bobier, anti-war and anti-racist activist and regular contributor to Socialist Worker and socialist.ca

This year marks 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx. You don’t have to look too far to see why Marx and his works are still very relevant in the 21st century. His master work Capital is still a living book. It speaks to our own world, where workers fight McDonald’s and low wages and precarity. This talk will focus on some of Marx’s hard won and most original contributions to radical politics.

War, Islamophobia and Capitalism

Sid Lacombe,?was the national coordinator of the Canadian Peace alliance during the mobilizations against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Niaz Salimi, peace and social justice activist

Workshop Panels: Saturday April 28 | 4:15 PM

NDP, Socialists, and Elections

Lisa Descary,?community activist, involved in anti-racist organizing and the fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.
Peter Hogarth is a fighter for $15 and Fairness and a writer for socialist.ca

Fight for $15&Fairness and Socialist Strategy

Pam Frache, Organizer, Fight for $15& Fairness.
Kevin Brice, activist in the Fight for $15 & Fairness in Canada, and Sugar Worker Solidarity in Guyana.

From Reproductive Justice to #MeToo Movement

Melissa Graham, feminist disability activist, founder of the Toronto Disability Pride March

Did the Russian Revolution Lead to Stalinism?

Ritch Whyman,?Hamilton and District Labour Council and active with the #shutdownhate campaign in Hamilton.

This talk will look at dispelling the notion that the Russian Revolution inevitably lead to the rise of the horror under Stalin. We will explore why the standard history of Lenin = Stalin is far from the truth, through looking at the actual dynamics of the Russian Revolution and the politics of the Bolshevik party and Lenin.

Speaker Panel: Saturday April 28 | 7:00 pm

Year of Revolt! 50 Years Since 1968

Norman Otis Richmond: League of Revolutionary Black Workers
Carolyn Egan: SDS organizer
Ali Awali: Ethiopian Student Organizer
Michael Yc Tseng: on the Student Uprisings in Japan

Across the globe, 1968 was a year of mass resistance and protest by students and workers against war, oppression and imperialism. It was a year which broke the chains on the minds of many people, leading them to believe that society could be completely changed, that they could indeed demand the impossible.
From the barricades in Paris, to college campuses in the US, to the streets of Ethiopia and Japan, the swell of resistance brought millions of people into the streets to challenge the capitalist system. It was a revolutionary moment.
The “Year of Revolt! 50 years Since 1968” panel of Marxism 2018 will sketch this rich history and draw the links to the resistance of today with speakers who were involved in Students for a Democratic Society in United States, the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, the Ethiopian student movement, and a special presentation on the Japanese student movements.

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