Marxism 2018 Speaker List:

Ian Angus edits the online ecosocialist journal Climate and Capitalism. His books are invaluable:n Facing the Anthropocene; A Redder Shade of Green,Too Many People?; and The Global Fight for Climate Justice.

Ali Hussein Awali Born in Jigjiga, Eastern Ethiopia in 1946. I completed my high school in Addis Ababa in a school which was in the ‘university’ model and lived on the university campus. It was at this time, in 1965, that I came into contact with university students, read the student papers and witnessed the protest against the Shaola Camp which got called ‘Shaola Concentration Camp’ because unemployed people were rounded up and dumped there and lived in abhorrent conditions. In 1966, I entered the university and from the Shaola student protests, the struggles picked up and continued through the 1960’s and 70’s.

Andria Babbington is the vice president of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

Faline Bobier is a member of the Toronto East branch of the International Socialists. She is an anti-war and anti-racist activist and a regular contributor to Socialist Worker and

Kevin Brice-Lall is a member of the International Socialists, an activist in the Fight for $15 & Fairness in Canada, and Sugar Worker Solidarity in Guyana.

Lisa Descary is a longtime school union rep and activist in her union, the BC Teachers Federation. She is involved in various areas of community activism, including anti-racist organizing and the fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. Lisa is a member of the Vancouver branch of the International Socialists.

Carolyn Egan is the president of the Steelworkers’ Toronto Area Council and United Steelworkers Local 8300. She is a long-time pro-choice, anti-war and social justice activist in Toronto and a leading member of the International Socialists.

Pam Frache is the Coordinator of the Fight for $15 and Fairness and an organizer with the Workers’ Action Centre. She is a former Research and Education Director for the Ontario Federation of Labour and Campaigns and Government Relations Coordinator for the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario. She is a longstanding labour and social justice activist and a member of the International Socialists.

Melissa Graham is a fighter for social justice, public speaker, writer, researcher, and proud disabled woman working with youth, women, & other disabled people in Toronto. She is a feminist disability activist, founder of the Toronto Disability Pride March and a contributor to Socialist Worker and

Peter Hogarth is a fighter for $15 and Fairness and a writer for

Sandy Hudson is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto

Pam Johnson is a college faculty (CAAT-A) union steward, OPSEU activist and a dancer/choreographer. She was the first contract faculty to be elected to a CAAT-A bargaining team. She initiated the creation of Contract Faculty Forward, to advocate for contract faculty in Ontario colleges. She was on the strike committee at Humber College and was proud to stand on the picket with Humber faculty and students for 5 weeks. She is a member of the International Socialists.

Evan Johnston is a trade union activist and an organizer with the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign. He has previously served as President of CUPE 3906 at McMaster University and Co-Chief Steward of CUPE 1281. He is a member of the Hamilton branch of the International Socialists.

Walied Khogali has years of experience in the not-for-profit sector in Toronto. He has held key management positions in student organizations and has worked for many community-based organizations including the Canadian Arab Federation and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council. Since July 2016, Walied has supported the campaigns of the United Way of Toronto and York region as a Labour Liaison and is responsible for communications at the Labour Community Services of Toronto. Walied was also the president of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (2016-2018).

He is also the co-founder of the coalition against white supremacy and islamophobia (CAWSI). The coalition organized a national day of action on February 4th 2017 in response to the trump ban of muslims and the terrorist attack in Quebec City on Sunday, January 29th 2017. They also organized the Unity Rally on October 15th 2017 with community to address the impact of white supremacy after the killing in Charlottesville,Virginia.

He is an experienced organizer and community leader who is committed to human rights and the elimination of racial discrimination, a struggle that continues to this day. Walied is currently coordinating a coalition supported by 170+ national, provincial and local organizations that is committed to redressing the systematic causes of Islamophobia, anti-black racism and other forms of hate.

David Karvalla is a socialist in Barcelona who has been central in the campaign for Catalonian self determination and is also an organizer in the campaign against racism and Islamophobia in the Spanish state.

Alia Karim is a member of the West Branch of the International Socialists. She is active at York University where she studies and co-organizes the Fight for $15 and Fairness chapter — the campaign won a huge victory for food service workers in March 2017 when workers went on strike, and won, $15 starting wages, health coverage for part-time and full-time workers, and spoke out against Islamophobia and racism. Alia is also the incoming President of the York University Graduate Students’ Association. Her interests are in Indigenous labour history, workers’ movements, and Marxist, anti-colonial and feminist political perspectives.?

Sid Lacombe was the national coordinator of the Canadian Peace alliance during the mobilizations against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gustavo Monteiro Member of the International Socialists, Toronto West Branch, initiated his political engagement in the student movement in Brazil with ENECOS (“Executiva Nacional dos Estudantes de Comunica??o Social” – Social communication students national executive) and has continued to participate in demonstrations against all forms of oppression across Turtle Island since his arrival in 2012.

Deena Ladd is the Co-founder and Coordinator of the Workers’ Action Centre. Deena has been immersed for twenty years in community and labour organizing, education, training and building various organizations to support the actions and voice of immigrant, racialized, women and low-wage workers in Ontario. She is one of the co-founders and is the coordinator of the Workers’ Action Centre (WAC) – a worker-based organization committed to improving the lives and working conditions of people in low-wage and unstable employment. WAC brings workers together to fight for fair employment and to provide leadership in our struggle for fairness and dignity at work.

Malka Paracha is a food service supervisor at Aramark, at York University. She is a member of UNITE HERE Local 75 and a shop steward. ?In 2017, Malka was on the bargaining committee and lead a three-week strike in 2017 that won a breakthrough contract in the food services sector, including a $15 minimum wage for all workers and full benefits for part-time workers. The strike also took on Islamophobia and anti-Black racism in the workplace. As part of the broader Fight for $15 and Fairness, this strike helped win new labour legislation including extended protections against contract flipping and more.

Chantal Sundaram is a leading member of the International Socialists in Canada and a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Hull association of Quebec solidaire. She is a former student activist and a long-time labour and civil liberties activist currently based in the Ottawa-Hull area. She is the author of the pamphlet “Islamophobia and Capitalism” and a founding member of several movements against Islamophobia, including Project Threadbare, The Presumption of Innocence Project, and Justice for Mohamed Harkat.

Carolyn Egan is the president of the Steelworkers’ Toronto Area Council and United Steelworkers Local 8300. She is a long-time pro-choice, anti-war and social justice activist in Toronto and a leading member of the International Socialists.

Jesse McLaren Climate justice campaigner, author of “System Change Not Climate Change” and editor at

Norman (Otis) Richmond left Los Angles after refusing to fight in Vietnam because he felt that, like the Vietnamese, Africans in the United States were colonial subjects. He co-founded the Afro American Progressive Association, one of the first Black Power organizations in that part of the world. He was part of the Detroit-based League of Revolutionary Black Workers. As a journalist he has published in the Toronto Star, the ?Toronto Globe & Mail, the National Post, the Jackson Advocate, Share, the Islander, the Black American, Pan African News Wire, and Black Agenda Report.

Niaz Salimi is a peace and social justice activist who, in the past 25 years, has been the funder, director,and board member of many organizations including Organization to Support Political Prisoners in Iran, Centre for Thought, Dialogue, and Human Rights in Iran, Muslim Canadian Congress, Canadian Muslim Union, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, Iranian Canadian Congress, Iranian Queer Organization, Mothers of Rainbow, and many others. She is a member of International Socialists.? ??

Michael Yc Tseng is a videographer and writer. He is active in the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign, the International Socialists, and the Student Labour Action Movement. His interests are student movements, critical theory and cinema. His works in many media can be found on, Socialist Worker, and Leaking Cinema.

Ritch Whyman, long standing member of the IS, member of Teamsters local 879 and works on the Justice for Janitors campaign with SEIU Local 2 in the GTA. He is on the executive of the Hamilton and District Labour Council and active with the #shutdownhate campaign in Hamilton.

And many more!? Stay tuned for more updates!